Swindle all the Way Slots

Swindle All the Way is a modern-day video slot with a fun twist. It's about robbers that are looting homes for some of that sweet Christmas loot. It's up to you to track these bandits down and stop them from destroying Christmas. The game has five reels like most modern video slots, and it packs in plenty of fun features to keep things interesting along the way.

Placing the Bet

Before you can begin playing Swindle All the Way, you need to place your bet. It's possible to bet as little as $.01 per spin or as much as $6.25 depending on how much you want to risk. That's across 25 paylines, and when betting the maximum amount the top prizes are very decent.

Playing the Game

The game is full of holiday themed symbols. There is a reindeer, there are Santa bandits, and brightly colored card and number symbols to really get you into the spirit of things. With each spin of the reels you'll be looking for wilds, scatters, and jackpot symbols that help you win big.

Huge Payout Potential

It's possible to get as much as 82,500 coins with a bit of luck with this slot game. You just need to unlock the top prize win during a high free spin round to get these huge prize. It's an exciting top win that really makes playing this slot worthwhile.

Find the Robber Bonus Round.

During the bonus round of Swindle All the Way, it's up to you to pick out the robber from the building. If you're able to pick out the robber you'll get a free game and the free game prizes are increased as well. It's a lucrative bonus that makes the slot game worth playing because it can easily add up to impressive prizes. During the bonus round you'll have a grid of windows to pick from, and you get to choose from a bunch of windows to try and find as many robbers as you can. It's possible to get over 30 free games and a multiplier over 10x while playing the bonus round with a bit of luck.

Progressive Jackpot

There's a random progressive jackpot with this slot game that you can unlock at any time. With a bit of luck you'll win the prize after one of your spins. There are no symbols to set it off, it just unlocks automatically after a spin randomly, giving you one more thing to look forward to.

Swindle All the Way is a fun twist on the standard holiday themed slot games. It looks like a pretty complex slot game with enough features to keep most players very happy over time.