Halloween Treasures Slots

Halloween is a time for ghasts and ghouls; a festive period that lasts for a day and opens up the portals to the spirit world for all to indulge. Traditionally, kids and sub-adults roam the streets looking to trick or treat and knock on neighborhood doors in the hopes of securing a cache of candies and sweets. It is, apparently, and important enough "holiday" (you don't get the day off on Halloween, unless it just so happens to fall on a weekend day) for slot makers to have devised a huge 5 reel, 243 payline video slot that gives the player plenty of chances to win due to all the possible winning combinations.

Even better is the double Wild symbol contained inside, which proffers twice the power of th regular substitute symbol in helping to complete winning paylines. Additionally, Halloween Treasures Slots has a quadruple progressive jackpot in the scatter symbol-activated Halloween Jackpot Feature. Later, we shall inform you as to how the free games open the gateway to where these treasures await. A top slot maker has constructed a heck of a video slot in time for the months of October and onward through the rest of the year. The top bet, in case we didn't mention it before, is worth the triple-mention: it is valued at 50,000x your starting wager, with x being the bet you put down at the start of the real money game.

Short History of Halloween

Halloween is a pagan holiday that comes to us from the Celtic, with some elements stemming from the Irish. The original name - or perhaps, the biggest contributor to the modern-day celebration - was Samhain. In its original incarnation, it signaled the end of the Celtic year on October 31st. It was meant to signify a time of darkness, when spirits and fairies tumbled into the world of the living. People would put food, drink, candies out for these denizens of the dark world parallel to our own.

During this day, many Celts would don costumes and elaborate garments as a way to protect themselves against any morbid or vengeful entities during Samhain/Halloween. Dead relatives were supposed to return to the corporeal world, and so family members left out empty chairs by the fireplace to welcome the dead. So, what happened? The Roman Catholic Church, in an effort to rid the world of pagan worship, began replacing many of peoples' old traditions with what they - the Church - considered to be more "holy" manifestations. So, Summer's End, or Samhain, became Old Hallow's Eve, in which veneration of the Saints of the Church supplanted the former heresy. As for the original etymology of the word, Samhain, it refers to a demonic entity that the Celts used to worship in their mythology; he was the Prince of Death, and they offered ablutions to him in an entreaty to guide their departed souls when the time came.

So what role did the Morningstar play in bringing Halloween mainstream? The Celtic origin of the holiday was presided over by so-called Druids, who adulated The Prince of the Dead, Samhain - the Celtic incarnation of the Morningstar - and called forth spirits from the underworld. The phenomenon of trick or treating slowly entered the festivities when Irish and Celtic immigrants came to American shores in the middle of the 20th Century, but it did not take root as people found the prospect of children going door-to-door and asking for candy, strange. Then, the kids started donating the money they got to UNICEF; the donations became so large that the trick or treating aspect of Halloween took root and became widespread. This is what Halloween has become today.

What to Expect Inside Halloween Treasures Slots

First and foremost, as befits a video slot in the present era, you will be amazed at the visual impression that this pokey makes. It is rendered in dark relief, with a foreground awash in the vibrant colors of trick or treaters. The 5 reel gameboard is set against a clay red brick wall, surrounded by images of ghouls, ghasts and the inevitable vampire. Other indelible elements of the Halloween atmosphere are also represented, such as candles, orange pumpkins, a witch's wardrobe and magical cauldrons of some strange liquid that exudes a brilliant light and harkens to some arcane energy. All of these and more appear as the symbols on the board, and we will shortly check out what values are provided by winning combinations.

Halloween Treasures Slots is special in many ways; in addition to the gigantic number of paylines, the game has two substitute symbols - making it twice as likely that you manage to get them to help you complete the winning paylines that are so essential to getting big payouts. The Wild symbols are represented by the Halloween House symbol and the Headstone in the graveyard. The first Halloween House symbol will land on the second reel, third reel and fourth reels. It can substitute for all other symbols except the other wild Headstone symbol. If the Headstone appears, it does the same; furthermore, if you happen to get five of a kind of this one, it will increase your payout by a considerable factor of five.

The game also has a special feature, in that a minimum of three scattered Crystal Ball icons leads to a prize of 12 free spins. This feature can be retriggered, which means you can keep winning even while you're already playing with it, giving you the chance to increase your prize total by a big amount. In the special bonus round you will get the chance to choose between 12 magic coins for a shot at the jackpot that lies behind one of them. These jackpots are of four possible kinds: the Mini jackpot, the Minor jackpot valued in the hundreds, the Major jackpot valued in the thousands, and the Grand jackpot that is valued in the tens of thousands.

Symbol Values Halloween Treasures Slots

As is befitting of a slot for the scary celebratory day of the year, you'll find flaming Jack O' Lantern symbols, a witches tophat, burning candles, potions, magical blue orbs and crystal balls, Dracula and more on the game board; these are the symbols that have the potential to fill up your pockets with moolah if you download the casino software, make a deposit, and get lucky.The Haunted House Wild symbol appears on the second reel, the third reel, and the fourth reels and can substitute for all symbols except for the blue crystal orb. The RIP Headstone is another special symbol, and it only appears on the third reel for substitutions; that is, for all icons but the blue crystal ball and the Haunted House. Should the RIP headstone act as part of a forthcoming winning combination, then whatever prize is listed on the payline is doubled in value. For a more in-depth revelation of the payline prizes see the in-game paytable for bet multiplication information.

The scatter symbol orb crystal, for five of a kind, is worth 50 gold coins this Halloween; for four of a kind, it is worth 10 gold coins, and for three of a kind, you get 5 gold coins. The Jack O Lantern icon, for five of a kind, gets you a 30 coin payout; for four of a kind you get a 10 coin payout, and for two of a kind, your reward is a 5 coin payout. For the more sinister cousin of this, the brightly-lit lantern symbol, five of a kind delivers a huge 600 coin win on the payline. For four bright lanterns you win 100 coins, and for three of a kind, you get 60 coins. Next for the alternating lowe-paying and high-paying batch of symbols, we have Count Dracula and the inflamed Count Dracula symbols; for the first one, five of a kind gets you 30 coins; four of a kind is worth 10 coins, and three of a kind gets you 5 coins. The inflamed valuable Dracula symbol, on the other hand, ratchets up the payout values such that five of a kind gets you 300 coins; four of a kind gets you 80 coins, and three of a kind is worth 30 coins.

The mid level symbols are next in terms of symbol values, and start with the regular blue witches cap; for five of a kind, this is worth 20 coins; for four of a kind, the witches hat is worth 10 coins, and for three of a kind, the witches cap garners a 5 gold coin payout. The inflamed gold witches cap is, for five of a kind, worth 200 gold coins; for four of a kind it is worth 60 gold coins, and for three of a kind, you win 20 coins. The next mid level symbol is the sole magic potion with a stopper inside (who knows how potent the contents therein are?); for five of a kind, this gets you 100 coins; for four of a kind, it is worth 20 gold coins and for three of a kind you win 8 gold coins. The final set of mid-level icons is a set of candles, and then inflamed candles - think of the latter as "extra" inflamed. For five of a kind of the regular candles you win 20 gold coins; for four of a kind you get 10 gold coins, and for three of a kind, your prize is 5 gold coins. For the inflamed candles, five of a kind is worth 150 coins; four of a kind unleashes a 150 gold coin payout, and three of a kind unlocks a 10 coin payout.

The lowest paying symbols encompass the poker card suits, starting with the batch that includes the Ace, King and Queen suits; for five of a kind, either collection is worth a 15 coin payout; for four of a kind any of these in a row gets you 8 coins, and for three of a kind you win 5 coins. The second batch in the low tier collection includes the Joker, Ten (10), and Nine (9). For five of a kind of either you win 15 gold coins; for four of a kind your reward is 8 gold coins, and for three of a kind, you get 5 gold coins.