San Guo Zheng Ba Slots

When it comes to high-quality video slots, you would be hard-pressed to find any that are more visually stunning San Guo Zheng Ba slots from Real Time Gaming. It is said it's in the upper edge on of what looks like the Himalayan mountain ranges, dedicated Chinese temples sitting among premises and surrounded by icy outcroppings, stalactites, and stalagmites. This is definitely an oriental thing slot that you don't want to miss – especially if you have a preference for intense graphical displays and award-winning artwork. The symbols on the reels of San Guo Zheng Ba Slots are quite richly detailed; and although you probably won't recognize most of them – unless you're a professor of Chinese mythology or deeply ensconced in the culture – you will nonetheless be wild by the warrior like position and explosions of color that surround the many icons. There is a warrior Princess with a wing helmet on, a blue-green amulet, the weapon by MorningStar, a handsome samurai, a tasseled helmet, the beautiful Chinese emperors, a good warrior, a breastplate and more. The background Himalayan mountain range and foreground soldiers in the long spears can be daunting at first; but no less beautiful for the fact. Direct your attention instead to the two most important symbols in the game for both on money and real cash players: the Wild symbol and the Scatter. For the first one, the Wild symbol is denoted by a red orange Dragon that serves as the them on a summarized shield. This tracking only shows up on the third real and can substitute for any symbol in the game except for the Scatter to help complete a winning pay line. As for the Scatter symbol in San Guo Zheng Ba Slots, it is represented by what looks like an old Sage wizard of Chinese origin. It's a total bet multiplier, and five of a kind guarantees you a 50 credit prize. Four of a kind gets you a three credit win and three of a kind gets you a two credit win. You can also gather up Free Game Bonuses as the round proceeds in the Scatter Wizard plays a part as a symbol on the reels. The beautiful Chinese Princess symbol is one of the very highest paying icons. Five of a kind rewards you with 888 coins, four of a kind gives you 250 credits, three of a kind releases 80 credits into your casino account, and to beautiful Chinese Princess symbols releases eight credits to you the winner. The next couple of symbols are identical in the rewards they release: the samurai warrior and the Valkyrie looking warrior Princess. Five of a kind of either gets you 800 credits, four of a kind gives you 250 credits, three of a kind gives you 50 credits, and two of a kind gives you five credits. The final to non-poker symbols that payouts are also warrior symbols. Five of a kind either is worth 300 credits, four of a kind is worth 80 credits, and three of a kind is worth eight credits. San Guo Zheng Ba Slots is truly one-of-a-kind; even though it hails from the Oriental-themed slots for which RTG is famous. It still manages to stand out as among the other elite video slots, and is worth giving a spin for fun or for real money. Just download the casino software to experience the full scope of the game and take some risks; you never have to bet more than you can handle, and by playing all the paylines, you give yourself a pretty good chance at cash and prizes. Enjoy.