Eagle Shadow Fist Slots

You probably tell just from the name that this slot is a throwback to the Golden Days of well-choreographed Kung Fu fighting scenes and enemies that were not of the social justice variety. You know - real enemies that actually posed a physical threat, instead of an existential one. This action packed game features the visage of martial arts superstar Jackie Chan, who made his way to US audiences to become a bonafide movie star in the fighting and humor genres. You will recognize the design style as that of the popular old movies, and revel in the fight scene that accompany each break in the reel-spinning action. Eagle Shadow Slots has got 5 reels and 25 paylines, with a win direction that proceeds from left to right only. To spice up the pot a bit, there’s a Random Jackpot that can land in your lap at any time, no matter how the game is going up to that point. You’ll be fighting your way through skilled thugs and henchmen, as the archetypal good guy with more than enough skills to pay the bills and get the gold, all while saving the girl, of course. If you play a lot of slots, you might even notice a running theme of action styled slots lately; that’s because Eagle Shadow is just one in a line of this type, which, apparently, has captured the interest of the online casino gaming community. This is a period piece of a slot, and the Chinese are trying to fend off the invading Japanese as the second world war is well underway. The revolutionaries from the Land of the Rising Sun are well-armed and committed, but they don’t seem to be much of a match for Jackie Chan here, who is in the fierce springtime of his youth, when his fighting skills were unmatched. The slot is actually based on the movie of the same name, which is what pioneered Chan into worldwide acclaim. What awaits you on the game board? Lively animations and grand prizes, such as the 20 Free Games that are delivered by the Kung Fu Fighter Scatter symbol. These Scatters can be retriggered to deliver even more Free Games during the current Free Game spate, as well as 4x Multiplier. The Wild symbol replaces any other symbol except for the Scatter, and drops a nice doubling of your wins any round that it substitutes other symbols to complete a winning payline. It’s a success of a movie-themed slot, and it’s available right now for download or free play at this online casino.