Kung Fu Rooster Slots

Oriental themes continue to be a major draw in an online casinos, and the beat goes on with the impending release of Kung Fu Rooster Slots.

About Kung Fu Roster

Real Time Gaming is the virtual fuel behind Kung Fu Rooster, a 5 reel, cutting edge, video slot that comes in 12 pay lines. The theme of the game follows the theme of Chinese New Year and all the icons follow suit. The wild symbol in Kung Fu Rooster, is represented by the tough as nails rooster itself. The rooster has the power to replace all the other symbols with the exception of the scatter icon, and it will double winning combinations when it does land. It is also the highest paying symbol in the game as well.

The scattered symbol consists of the monkey. Unlike traditional slot games which normally requires landing at least three on the icon to launch the bonus round, in this title you must score a winning combination with the scattered icon to start the free spins round. In the free spins round, you start off with 25 free games.

And while in the free spins round, the winning multiplier is determined from the beginning by the fire claw wild. And after each spin, the fire claw wild will increase the winning multiplier by a factor of one. And during regular game play, the more scattered monkeys that land, the greater the winning multiplier will become. It is also important to note that the monkeys do not land during the free spins round, therefore you can not keep re triggering this round.

The other game symbols include the Ying Yang symbols, shells, shields, dragons and the playing card numbers aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens and nines. General wins are determined by landing three of a kind of an icon. Kung Fu Rooster will determine wins from more than the left to the right, but also vertically and diagonally. And every time you notch a win, the winning icons will animate and flash.

There is a menu button where you can easily adjust game settings, and reel spinning speed. There is also a help button to quickly review winning combinations. You will also be able to place your own bets, or set them up in advance through auto play mode. Kung Fu Rooster will be fully optimized for desktop players and smart device users.