Santa's Reel Wheel Slots

Santa’s Reel Wheel reveals a Christmas theme from the start, yet there are some surprises in store here that change how you might view it. We did say it was a basic slot – or at least a version of one – so let’s see what that might mean.

What is the format in play for Santa’s Reel Wheel?

The game offers three reels, but you will see there are three rows as well. The upper two are blocked off to start with, so you need to unlock them as you go.

The demo gives you the chance to understand more about it – and decide on your bets

This will help if you decide to play the real thing after a while.

It’s time to find some fireworks in Santa’s Reel Wheel

Yes, there are fireworks in this slot game, and the idea is to find just one icon with them on it to access the next row of symbols above the one you’re on. The other way of doing this is by winning a prize via a successful combo of symbols on that line.

Diamonds could be your best friend in this slot, too

If you manage to unlock both upper sections of the game, you will reach the top level and that’s where you might spot some diamonds. These are wilds, with one offering a 2x multiplier and two doubling that multiplier to 4x when appearing in a prize line.

If you land a prize on your spin of the top set of symbols, you will see Santa’s Bonus Wheel appear. Spin it and see what your prize will be. You might get an instant prize, but there is also a chance of some free spins or perhaps a shot at spinning the Mega Bonus Wheel. There are better outcomes available on this wheel, including something known as a Fireworks Bonus. Your task is to find as many Fireworks as possible to win the best prize.

Launch Santa’s Reel Wheel to see how far you can go

This is certainly different from any other festive slot we have played. Will you feel the same if you try it?