Magic Mushroom Slots

At first glance Magic Mushroom looks like a simple game with a small number of features, but there’s actually quite a lot going on behind the scenes of this 3-reel slot game. It’s all the mystery and special bonus features that made us want to explore the slot game. Below we break down some of the most interesting features of the game and help explain exactly what sort of play experience you can expect when you try out this slot game. Give it a playthrough yourself, or take a moment to read through our review to learn what the game has to offer.

A Dynamic and Rewarding Slot Experience

At first glance this slot appears to be like all the other classic slot games. It looks basic and like it will offer smaller prize payouts. That’s not the case though. There are many different special bonus features to be discovered and unlocked. Each of those special features gives you more chances to win prize payouts. As you spend time with this slot game you’ll quickly learn that there are special features to be triggered with every playthrough and more to be explored than you might have immediately realized.

A Realtime Gaming Creation

Realtime Gaming or RTG is a well-known slot developer with a long list of titles to its name. The company is very good at making mobile-friendly games and unique slots that don’t play like the traditional options do. Those are all things that gamblers look forward to today, and the company offers some of its magic to this slot game as well with its unique feature set.

Demo the Game to Get a Feel for It

Before even spending any real money on the game, it’s possible to try out this slot for free in Demo mode. The gamblers that are interested in trying out the slot and all it has to offer without spending any money on it will enjoy this special feature. The game loads up just like it would if you were playing with real money, but you will have a play money balance to wager with. From there you can wager an amount you’re comfortable with and begin spinning the reels for a big prize payout.

A Magical and Mysterious Theme

In this slot game you’ll head to the heart of the forest where fairies, magic mushrooms and all sorts of other little creatures abound. The game is set in a quiet section of the woods and is held at the base of a tree during the nighttime. The atmosphere of this slot makes the game even more relaxing to play, and is one of the features that kept us wanting to come back and play some more.

A Minimalist Design

Everything about this game is simple. There are minimal wagering options, just a few buttons and not much to worry about looking at as you play. As long as you get your wager amount set at a level you’re happy with, there is little left to do but spin and hope for a good win. That’s the type of slot that most people are looking for and we liked how simple this game is to get started with.

A Modern Video Slot

Most gamblers would assume that this game is a traditional classic slot because it has just 3 reels. But with 27 paylines, loads of bonuses and other special features this game is far from a fruit machine or classic slot of old. Instead, it’s a sophisticated gambling experience that’s unpredictable and exciting. Three are so many different features available that you’ll always have something to look forward to as you play and wins will pop up unexpectedly. It’s this element of surprise and the rewarding bonuses that make this game the special experience that it is.

27 Fixed Paylines

There are 27 paylines in this game and they’re always turned on. That means that you always have lots of ways to win prize payouts, and that you’ll have to spend the money to bet across all of those lines. This is a downside for the gamblers looking to wager small amounts, but everyone looking for consistent wins will appreciate just how often this game pays out prizes.

Limited Wagering Options

Even though there are 27 paylines, those lines are fixed so you don’t have as many different wagering options to work with as you might think. While playing this slot you can wager just $0.01 per line to keep the wager small, or you can wager up to several dollars per line for larger bets. Either way, you still have full control over your wager amount, you just have more limited options to work with than many other slot games today offer. This limited selection will seem like a downside to many, but there are some players that will appreciate having just a few different settings to adjust before playing.

Smaller Prize Payouts

After a quick glance at the pay table for this slot game it’s clear that all the big wins have to come from bonuses and special features rather than the fixed prize payouts. With that said, there are some gamblers that manage to have a winning streak that amounts to a sizeable prize payout without getting wins using any of the special features. They just get many different fixed wins one after another. With a top fixed payout of 540 times your wager amount there is some money to be had here, but it’s smaller than the massive prize payouts that other RTG slots offer.

A Re-Spins Feature

One of the most impressive special features of this slot is the re-spins bonus feature. This is triggered whenever you get a stack of wild symbols that cover the entire middle reel. When this happens you will get many different spins for free while you try to get some prize payouts. This feature results in wins frequently and it happens more often than you would expect it to as well. The special wild symbols show up on the center of the slot at all times, and it’s these symbols that are going to lead to most of the prize wins as you play.

A Lower RTP

We don’t know exactly what the RTP for this slot game is just yet, but from our experience we expect the slot to offer a lower RTP than it does with some of its other games. The slot is entertaining and designed for optimal fun. With that said, if you’re looking for a game with the highest profit potential, this likely isn’t your best option.

Our Slot Rating

Overall we give Magic Mushroom a rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars. It gets a decent rating for being fun and exciting while having a simple setup. The game is easy to play, packs in just enough bonuses to keep things interesting and it offers some good solid prize payouts as well. if you’re searching for a game to offer you a good experience you’ll fall in love with this seemingly classic slot experience that offers more than you might expect.

Serious Winners Rely on Bonuses and Combinations

There are some big wins that come from this slot game, but most of them aren’t from getting a single winning combination during one spin. Instead, they come from the generous bonus rounds, re-spins and multiple winning combinations all at once. It’s possible to get some pretty impressive prize combinations while spinning through the reels of this slot game, but it takes a significant amount of luck to achieve that.

Fun Play is Available

Anyone juts looking to get a feel for the game can test out all the features without spending any real money in the process. That’s because a fun play mode is available that’s available to everyone. Some casinos will require you to sign up for an account before being able to try out the game, while others will allow you to load the game and test it out without ever making an account. Either way, you can get a feel for this slot and decide if you like it or not with a quick test session.

Try it With Real Money for More Fun

Fun play mode is a good way to get acquainted with this slot, but it can take away from the experience a bit. If you want to really feel the thrill and excitement that comes with playing this slot game you need to play it with real money. You can do this by making an account and making a quick deposit into your new account. Do those two things and you’ll be wagering with real money and trying for real money prize payouts.

Mobile Play is Smooth and Enjoyable

There’s no reason to lug a computer around with you everywhere you go just to play games like this one on the go. That’s because it’s designed to work with most mobile devices without an issue. That means you can easily load up the game on a smartphone or tablet and play it wherever you like. Even better, this game runs right in your web browser. That means downloads aren’t an issue and you won’t have to worry about issues like software compatibility either. Magic Mushroom is a fun new slot game that combines many of the elements we look for in a good slot game. It’s simple to play, has minimal options to choose from when getting started, but still manages to offer exciting features and prizes. This mixture keeps things very interesting and gives you something to look forward to each time you play at the casino and try this game out.