Dr WinMore Slots

How much do you really know about space? You are about to see it in action here, along with plenty of lab-related action that fits nicely into the new slot game known as Dr WinMore. We rather like his name, so can we rely on finding out more about his experiences and talents on this set of reels?

Developer information for Dr WinMore slots

The game was created by Realtime Gaming, and while it looks very different to many other titles they’ve created, there are some familiar elements to enjoy here.

Trying the Dr WinMore demo game

You can do this if you wish, and it does give you an excellent opportunity to see how the game is played.

More details about the theme

This slot theme is based around outer space and science, so you could say it offers a real learning experience. Watch out for test tubes, cogs, bottles of strange stuff, and a meeting with the doc himself.

Does this game boast a great design?

It does, and while it doesn’t use 3D effects, the use of color does ensure everything pops out at you. There are science-themed icons here, along with robotic elements and the mad doc himself. He looks keen to teach you some things though.

What are the basic features of this slot game?

Firstly, you get five reels to spin. That said, the game uses a 5 x 5 format, so it offers a square appearance. Dr WinMore himself is used as a substitute, labeled as WILD, and appears with a cog-like design behind him.

Rather than having the reels spin, each go sees everything drop from view. New icons then drop from the top of the game to fill the grid. If you receive a prize, you can watch as the winning symbols blow up, before other symbols drop from above to complete the game screen again. If this happens, the multiplier underneath reel three increases by 1x. The more consecutive prizes you can get, the higher the multiplier goes, reaching 6x at most. A losing spin either keeps the base value of 1x where it is or returns a higher multiplier value to the base value once more.

Watch out too for a robot appearing randomly on the reels. This is connected to a neat bonus we’ll cover in a moment.

Payline quantity in this slot game

We’ll keep this quick – there isn’t a single payline here. You’re going for cluster wins instead, with four or more needed to trigger a prize. Matching symbols on a horizontal or vertical grid count if adjacent to each other, but diagonal ones do not.

Place just one bet per spin

One amount is playable on each spin, because of the format of the game. Use the buttons either side of the bet amount to adjust the amount you’re going to use.

Paytable details

This explains everything you need to know about playing the game. As such, we recommend you check it out before you get started.

The bonus feature included in Dr WinMore online slots

This one is unusual, because it does occur on the reels. There is a robot icon that randomly appears. Whenever it does show up, it stays in place until anything you’ve won has been awarded and you end up with a losing spin.

At this point, any robots you see trigger one of four patterns to clear out other symbols:

• They may clear the row they sit on • They may clear the column they appear on • They might clear both those elements • They could clear all the adjacent positions surrounding their own spot

This means there is a chance of getting some other prizes too, as the grid will fill up with new symbols again to fill any gaps.

What about some free spins?

There are no freebies in this game, unfortunately.

The RTP is unknown at present

It is often true that the RTP for a Realtime Gaming slot isn’t released with the game. Once we get this information, we’ll make sure we update you.

What is our rating for the slot game?

Dr WinMore looks good and has a neat mix of features to look forward to. It does offer something different to other games too, especially with those robots popping up randomly during play. As such, it’s a good 7/10 title to try.

Are we going to hear about any jackpot winners?

No, sadly this is not a progressive slot game. However, the biggest prize according to the info we have is a 300x multiplier award, so that is going to be worth shooting for if you can.

Try the Dr WinMore demo version to get started with

This is the ideal way to experience the various features this game can offer. Could it end up being your favorite RTG slot game? There’s only one way to know for sure.

Play for real if you like what you see in the demo

If you find an RTG casino offering this game (and there are lots to choose from), you can easily switch from the demo version to the real thing once you are a member and you’re logged into your account.

Does the slot game have a mobile version to play?

Yes, you can access Dr WinMore slots on Android and iOS if you wish.